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We offer expert knowledge for Financial Information Technology solutions

Business Concept

FIT for the Best

We offer expert knowledge for Financial Information Technology solutions

Our company is unique in that we are a group of experts that combine the highly specialized fields of “Financial Technology” and “Information Technology” (We have termed this overlapping area Financial Information Technology, FIT).
Our company philosophy is derived from our experience designing financial information systems. We engage in designing efficient financial transaction classes, financial calculations, and simplifying complex data. We found that customer satisfaction cannot be obtained simply by creating a team with specialists from the two fields of IT and FT. This is why we specialize in the overlapping area between the two fields of expertise “Financial Information Technology (FIT)”.
We analyze the demands of today’s cutting-edge world, the technology at our disposal, and the essential requirements that lie in the area of academia and businesses from an angle of “information design and architecture”.
We are dedicated in our endeavor for the discovery of lean solutions.

About Us

Company Overview

Founded by Huga Systems Ltd. In December 1999
Changed company structure and name to Information Design and Architecture Yamazaki Co., Ltd. in February 2007
Capital: 10 million yen
Chief Executive Officer: Hiroshi Yamazaki


Commenced operations as a designer of Risk management system for U.S. investment bank.
Huga Systems Ltd. Established.
Accepted first order of designing an integrated risk management system for banks.
Design and develop the architecture and software of a integrated trading support system for a subsidiary of the prominent Financial institution.
Started designing proprietary trading support system "Apreccia.3".
Obtained a patent on "Integrated finance risk manager and financial transaction modeling device (US PAT.6985878)".
*We are not patentee. Our CEO participated as the premier inventor.

Changed company name to Information Design & Architecture Yamazaki Co., Ltd.
Accepted first order of research and development on structured bond management system.
Formed a partnership with TechMatrix Corporation.
TechMatrix began selling Apreccia.3.
Started supplying Apreccia.3 as a basic component set.
Established “Apreccia.3 Project Office” (Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo).
Set up "Customized design and development" division.
Launched “FA PLUS”, a new product which integrates Apreccia.3 and FINCAD®.
Accepted first order of FA PLUS.
The organization is restructured into two department, “Ready-Made Product Department” and “Special Order Product Department”
Launched mortgage evaluation system.
Moved headquarters operations to Nishishinbashi, Minato-ku.
Shipped prototype of event management system for structured products.
Started designing “Apreccia.4”.


The core of our business founded upon “information design and architecture”. The reason for choosing “information design and architecture” instead of a more common and traditional system design is that it allows for flexibility. It allows for the strategic importance on emphasizing labor-saving processes and the modularization of implementation. As well as the abstraction and analysis of information embedded in relevant business operations using a unique method we call “Recursive Abstraction (RA) Process”.

Our information design and architecture style of business described above consists of the three areas. In each area, our customer will confirm clear results from the “information design and architecture” approach that implements the core of the information (data) structure.

Ready-Made Product Business

We provide an integrated trading support system called “Apreccia.3”
Apreccia.3 is a Japanese domestic system that was developed in response to the rapidly growing need for risk control of derivative transactions. It was developed in the 1990`s and was rare for its time. Apreccia.3 products provide accurate profit and loss calculation as well as high-level risk analysis functions. There is a wide variety of products ranging from traditional financial products to complex derivative products.

Custom-Made Product Business

Since 2010, we have engaged in customer specific information design and architecture business utilizing our experience gained from the development of Apreccia.3. We have been receiving and completing orders for information design and architecture development for large scale business operating systems.
With our customer’s specific design and architecture we build systems that are designed for the present and future. We build these operating systems by abstracting information about the company’s current system and their needs while designing our system with “flexibility not based on foresight”. By taking these steps we provide a complete solution for the “information design & architecture” for various business application systems.

Form Follows Function

We have experience accepting orders for designing UI/UX. This service takes advantage of our design experience in financial information systems in order to create high levels of safety and convenience. Our design policy is very simple; we use a “Form Follows Function (3F)” model. This means that well-sophisticated UI/UX will emerge as a result of contemplation over functions. Our 3F-UI/UX design will create an appeal for your website visitors and application users.

Consultation & Seminar Business

We provide consultation, seminars and lectures on System Design, Financial Product and Financial Engineering through arrangements that suit our client’s needs. We also provide consultation for resolving specific problem that clients may find difficult to resolve internally. Our Consultation service is used by Major Financial institutions (Domestic and International).

Our Edge

In order to achieve a simple program structure of complex business processes, we are promoting the use of the following three types of virtualization technology in our “information design”.

  1. Virtualization for encapsulating complexity.
  2. Virtualization for encapsulating heterogeneity.
  3. Virtualization for speeding up calculations.


Integrated trading support System

When managing portfolios that include foreign exchange, bonds, and derivatives. We simulate risks through traditional risk indicators such as delta, gamma, vega, and theta. As well as more complex means such as advanced non-linear risk analysis.

Interest Rate Derivatives Sales Management System

Our system is highly regarded in the Interest Rate derivative Market. We provide the backbone component for a system that not only calculates NPV and P/L, but even manages administrative processing, such as the issuing of contract documents and payment notifications.

Structured Bond Sales Management System

We have developed a complete sales management system for structured bonds that covers the issues of pre-contract and post-contract documents, balance management for each customer, and connections with existing systems. This system enables immediate issuing of various documents, a function, difficult for other products to develop at a EUC level. Such functions and features of this system significantly contribute to the reduction of cost.

Collateral Management System

We provide a collateral management system, which is required after entering the derivative transactions till the completion of settlement instructions. The system operates by utilizing Apreccia.3, calculating the NPV of OTC derivatives, risk exposures, and P/L, which is required for calculating the margin level. As well as a third party product connected to Apreccia.3, instructing the collateral settlement. For these reasons, the system is highly reliable.

Sales Order Management System

With our experience gained through the design and architecture of Apreccia.3, we have been engaging in system design and architecture for general industrial fields. We have received highly favorable feedback by providing business analysis from unique angles, which is one of the traits that set us apart from other companies.

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Latest NewsResponding to customer requirements, we have started to accept orders for UI / UX design.